Going somewhere?

Get paid for your empty seats.

















Going somewhere?

Get paid for your empty seats.

Why travel with FareShare:


Your Rules

Set your car’s ground rules such as size of baggage, type of music, meet-up location & more.


Your Time

No more waiting on airline delays & cancellations.

Leave when you want.

Get Paid

All payments are secured before the ride & transferred after automatically in your bank account after the ride is given.

What you'll need:


Use your car as a means to travel & get paid.



All drivers must have a license & insurance, which are requested for after the sign-up process.



After entering travel information & a few details, get ready to hit the road.





































I tell all my friends I’m able to actually get paid to travel. Instead of dealing with airports and security, I elect to hit the road with other travelers using FareShare. The windows are always down, the view through the windshield is always nicer than the back of another seat, and there’s never any flight cancellations. Not to mention, all payments are automatically in my account the next day which means I have more pocket money for my trips.

Johan Farrokhi

- Los Angeles, California

Why pay to travel when you can get paid for it? ™

Driver FAQs

How & when will I get paid?

All payments from Riders are made electronically to your bank account. When you list a ride on FareShare, you’ll immediately be redirected to a page to enter your bank information. Only Drivers with updated bank accounts will have their listings approved to be put on the platform.

Once your listing is approved, Riders can book a seat in your car. Riders will be charged before the ride is given to ensure that they have proper funds available. Those funds will then be transferred to directly to your bank account 1-2 business day(s) after the date of the ride.

Where do I pick up my riders?

When creating your ride listing on FareShare, at the end you’ll be prompted to put in a “Pick-Up/Meet-Up/Departure” location.

Usually, if Riders are relatively close, Drivers like to pick up Riders since there’s usually luggage involved, but an easy-to find-meet-up spot still serves as a great back-up and an overall idea to where you’re leaving from. Before you accept a ride, you can directly message with your potential Riders through the platform. There you can decide what pick-up solution is right for you.

Where do I drop off my riders?

When a Rider books a seat in your car, they’ll include in their message exactly they are going — whether it’s in the city you are going to or along the way there. If their drop-off destination is something you’re okay with, then you can confirm their ride request.

If you do not like their drop-off location, you can either decline their request, or kindly message them back exactly how far you can take them. If they approve your offer, then you may approve their ride request.

What if I need to cancel?

We get it. Life happens. The trip you wanted to take or the event you wanted to go isn’t going to work. If you would like cancel your ride you must do two things:

1. Immediately contact your riders directly, kindly letting them know that something came up and that you won’t be doing the ride anymore. They will get a full refund (which we will handle).

2. Next, email us directly at hello@fareshare.io. Let us know the title of your listing and why you have to cancel. We’ll handle the rest.

If there are too many cancellations by a driver, FareShare reserves the right to boot that driver from the FareShare platform.


What if my rider cancels?

If a rider cancels—no worries—you don’t have to do anything. No money will be taken out of your account since funds only transfer to your account after the ride is given. 

Riders will directly message you through the website letting you know they have to cancel. Once they’ve done that —you don’t need to do anything, we will cancel their ride.

If riders cancel their ride the day before the departure date, they will be charged full price of the fare.

What if I have any other questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to hello@fareshare.io for 24/7 customer service.

It's time you enjoyed your commute.

Put in your destination, schedule, and flexibility.

Put in your destination, schedule, and flexibility.

Personalize your commute

and ride with your crowd.

Personalize your commute

and ride with your crowd.

Pick the carpool that fits best.

Pick the carpool that fits best.