Every year, Coachella rewards carpoolers by offering a chance to win VIP tickets for life (yes, for life!) for you & everyone in the car.


The Grand Prize: You and everyone in your car gets to go to Coachella every year, VIP style.

Other Prizes Include:

– Backstage Passes

– VIP Pass Upgrades

– Outstanding in the Field Dinner

– Coachella Merch Vouchers

– Ferris Wheel Vouches

– $20 Food Vouchers




























General Rules

– Must have at least 4 people in the car

– Can’t have more than 6 people

– Deck out the car with “Carpoolchella” decorations written big. The more  decorated   and eye-catching, the better chance the secret   spotters will come to your car

– Spotters will be monitoring Parking and   Camping entrances 

– Winners are chosen randomly starting Thursday through Sunday ending at 2pm. 

– For more in-depth rules, click here.

Don't have a full car, yet?

If you don’t have a full car of people going to Coachella, you can find other festival goers on FareShare.io — a ride share platform where drivers can let riders book their empty seats to an event. Drivers can now actually get paid to drive to the festival or rave they would have already driven to, meanwhile riders travel for a fraction of the cost of driving or more when compared to a flight ticket. Even better, at Coachella both have a chance to win VIP tickets for life and other dope prizes just by traveling together. 

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