Festival Commandments

we got you.
Festival season is upon us — and that means it’s time to prepare. While there are many amazing festivals in the world, your fun weekend can easily go south if you’re not properly prepared for the party.

Hydrate Often.

Spending the day dancing in jam-packed crowds is a recipe for dehydration, not to mention the alcohol in your system. Make sure that you drink excessive amounts of water in between sets, cause you’re probably going to sweat it out faster than you think. Festival security usually will let you bring in a sealed water bottle that you can refill once you’re inside from one of the various water stations festivals tend to have. But if you don’t have that, make sure you head over to one of the various vendors for water — and remember, you’re going to want to aim to drink 3-4 liters of water per day.

Dress in layers.

Some festivals are known for being extremely hot during the day, for example Coachella. What people don’t talk about is the fact that festivals usually held all day outside also get very cold at night. Dress in layers so that you can respond to the weather and add layers when it gets cold at night. Don’t worry about carrying your extra clothes during the day, you can rent a locker to stash your stuff.

Wear Sunblock.

Seriously people, the sun is becoming stronger. Climate change means we’re at even higher risk of getting sunburnt. Plus, you’re going to be dancing in the sun for hours on end. We recommend buying a travel-sized SPF 30 or higher.

Be prepared to lose things.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their phones, wallets, keys, and more while partying in festival crowds. We’re not saying you’re going to lose your stuff, but we’re saying be ready to — in case it does happen, cause it does. Take photos of your cards and ID so you can use digital copies until you get replacements. Turn on location services for your electronics so that you can go on a hunt to find that lost iPhone in case it comes down to it. Your best bet is wear clothing with sealable compartments or even some sort of bag. In case you do lose something, head over to the Lost and Found to see if a good-hearted person returned it for you.  

Determine your group’s meetup spot.

Although we’re in 2019, cell phone reception at festivals is still really patchy. Make sure you and your friends determine the official meetup spot for when you’re lost in between sets with a phone that has no battery and 0 friends in site.

Keep medication in the original bottle.

If you have prescription medication that you need to take, make sure that you don’t remove it from its original packaging. Security will confiscate your loose pills and they probably won’t believe that it’s your prescription. Make sure to take the bottle and you can keep it in a locker if you don’t want it on you for the whole day.

Get to the stage early.

If there’s a specific set that you want to make sure you get to on time, consider the travel time from stage to stage. Festivals are usually a huge place, and walking from one stage to the other will take you more than a few minutes. Do not be afraid to leave the set that you’re at so you can prep and get to the next set early.

Eat nutritious meals.

A day of nonstop music is draining, and you need to make sure your body has the power to get through it. You’ll be busy walking around the grounds, rushing from set to set on time, and partying in the crowd all day. When you get a chance to eat, be aware of what you’re putting into your stomach. As good as ice cream tastes, it’s not a meal. Make sure you choose proteins, greens, and healthy carbs to fuel you throughout the weekend. Sneaking in a protein bar is not a bad idea, either.

Wear closed-toe shoes.

Although you may be tempted to wear sandals, we recommend you don’t. Not only are festivals grounds usually dirty, but there’s a good chance that your toes will get crushed in the crowd. Combat boots or everyday sneakers work best.

Cash is necessary.

Make sure you have cash when roaming around, cause many things that you’d like to buy are going to be cash only, and ATMs are going to charge you a really unnecessary convenience fee.

Participate in Carpools.

Many festivals offer perks or priority to more filled up cars. The best kind of example can be seen at Coachella. Every year, Coachella offers a chance for a handful of attendees to win VIP tickets to Coachella for life. Yup..for life. Participants must arrive to Coachella’s parking or camping entrance with a minimum of 4 people in the car and a maximum of 6. The car must be decorated with a big “Carpoolchella” written over it. Search #carpoolchella on IG for some great examples of what your car should look like and the people that have actually won the VIP for life prize. If a “secret scout” can pick out your car, then you can draw from a bag that has great prizes in it ranging from free food to VIP tickets for life. What’s not to love?!

Don't have a full car, yet?

If you don’t have a full car of people going to Coachella, you can find other festival goers on FareShare.io — a ride share platform where drivers can let riders book their empty seats to an event. Drivers can now actually get paid to drive to the festival or rave they would have already driven to, meanwhile riders travel for a fraction of the cost of driving or more when compared to a flight ticket.