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What's a Carpool Captain?

Every commute is an adventure, and every adventure needs a captain

Carpooling is tied around an individual car and requires the cooperation of those riding and driving.

Drivers are the glue that keeps the commute together, just the way captains are for their crew, setting an example of punctuality, socialization, and respect for the car and each other.

Here’s a quick set of proven tips from the Captains that we’ve learned from:

1. Get to know each other!

The #1 reason for lack of carpooling in the U.S. is due to what we like to call Carpool Anxiety – that uneasy feeling you may get when entering a stranger’s car.

Encourage to sit at the front seat. Although preferences are made clear through FareShare, conversation always passes time

Topics like work, school, family and hobbies are all fair game. Try to keep it pretty simple in the beginning. No one wants to have a political debate the first time they meet, especially on the way to work!

2. Give a heads up to your riders

Letting your fellow commuters know you’re on the way allows for quick and easy pick-up, and a smooth transition back to the route.

This includes if you’re running a little late (i.e. traffic issues when picking up a rider or last-minute meeting before leaving work)

3. Drive Safe and Obey All Laws

Captains know they’re responsible for steering the ship, so they make sure their crew is always safe. 

Although FareShare drivers go through a background check to ensure a clean record, keeping up that record is just as important. 

Always abide to traffic signs and the speed limit. Carpooling should always be the most safe, economical, and effecient way to commute!


4. Put the good in "good-bye"

Although you’re driving, realizing that riders are also contributing to the same mission of helping the Earth creates a great sense of community.

Always leave off with a smile and, if you’ve just finished your commute to work, designate a pick-up or meet-up spot for the commute back home. 

5. Practice!

Nothing is ever perfect the first time.

The best part about carpooling is that the more you do it, the easier it is! Pick-ups and drop-offs become faster as you learn individual’s preferred pick-up spots and coversation begins to flow more naturally. 

FareShare gives you the tools and connections to save time, money, and the planet doing what you already do; and it makes carpooling easier and easier after every trip.