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Personal Reasons to Carpool

Even when you're saving the world, you want something in return right? We got you.

Make Friends

How well do you know the HR worker who always helps you with your paperwork or the new intern who you help use the printer nearly every other day? He or she could be your best friend or soulmate (no promises, but fingers crossed), you just don’t know it. Who knew you both obsessed over your favorite artist’s first album or that you both want to join a bowling league?

Carpooling to work together would give you the time and space to explore these ideas with new people and possibly make new friends. Make the workplace smaller by carpooling and commuting together!

Explore New Ideas

Always wanted to listen to podcasts but never knew where to start? Been dreaming about taking a road trip but don’t know where to go?Carpooling gives you the chance to hear about other people’s experiences and grow your own through them. 

Along with this idea comes exploring different backgrounds. You can meet and talk to people who grew up in completely different situations as you; those who could give you insight to their lives and what challenges and gifts graze them. You get to step in someone else’s shoes, and, in the process, learn more about yours. Don’t just share your fares, share your experiences.

Take A Break

Everyone needs a little R&R every now and then, why not take it while commuting? Ridesharing gives you the chance to share the responsibility of driving. By sharing a car, you not only save gas money and wear on your car, but you get to let someone else do the driving! As a passenger, you can take a nap, make plans with friends, listen to music, call your mom, or simply have some you time to rejuvenate and get ready to take on the day.

Cure Boredom

The worst part of driving alone is getting caught in traffic and trying to find ways to occupy yourself in the stop and go. What’s better to occupy your time than another human being?

The average commute time for someone in Los Angeles is 30 minutes; that’s 20-30 hours of driving every month! Commuting with friends gives you conversation, games and shared stories rather than repetitive playlists.

A commute with FareShare is not just a carpool, but an amazing experience facillitating human conversation and environmental & monetary conservation.