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The most affordable and efficient option for everyday commuting.


Get there Faster

Ride in the carpool lane.


Enjoy that cup of coffee for once by not driving.

Input destination and schedule.

Input destination and schedule.

Customize your commute.

Customize your commute.

Rides set for the week.


Rides set for the week. Done.

1. We’ll Find You The Perfect Commute

We all have places to be.

Tell us your commute details and time flexibility for your recurring trip, whether to work or school.

2. We Work With Your Preferences

We also match you based off your music taste, favorite sports teams, language preferences, and more fun questions proven to vet commuters to find you the best match.

The carpool, reinvented.

3. Match. Ride. Save.

FareShare matches you with a list of preferred commuters.

Mileage and estimated time of arrival to your destination will be included.

Choose the one that fits best for you. 

A platform you can trust.



All charges are upfront with no extra fees. No math degrees needed. 


Constant Support

We work around the clock to make sure you get where you need to be in the safest and most enjoyable way.



We pledge to keep all your information confidential and secure. No surprises here. 

It's time to enjoy your commute.

It's time to enjoy your commute.